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Why us?

Our customers choose us because we provide unmatched services, the leading E-commerce platform and offer some of the best value in the market. This happened with a total commitment to our mission-providing an exceptional business platform to manage and grow your business so that you can maximize the potential of your business. That is why we created Shopo World, to be a perfect resource to build your business.

Regardless of your business, we provide an organised platform to get you started and with the unique Shopo World system, it’s a flexible and cost-effective business model to suit your needs.


Our services could become a valuable supplement to your business.  

What can our services offer?

Unique Business Plan

Make Money

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Finding another e-commerce business platform won’t be easy with what we offer. That’s because we provide our customers with the products and services they are looking for whilst giving you, the seller, the business model that you are looking for.

Who Benefits?

Due to this community of Partners worldwide, the vision of Shopo World continues to evolve. That vision is to provide a global gateway to thousands of wide-ranging, competitively priced, quality products thus enabling its partners, from all walks of life, to reap the benefits of generous rewards with little or no financial investment.

Shopo World encourages both manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, resellers to adopt this unique business model, which could resultant sales. A bespoke business system has been created to accommodate the requirements of such organisations like Hospitals, Farm Shops, Clinics, Salons, Supermarkets, Retail Shops, Gymnasiums, Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Care Homes, Department Stores, etc. could benefit from Shopo World’s attractive discounts.

Ten per cent of all profit is donated to worthy, charitable organisations.

Unique Business Plan and what makes Shopo World so different from other websites?

A community-based, ongoing project is the result, based on the five principal foundation stones of Simplicity, Quality, Service, Affordability and Rewards. It is on this bedrock that success is born.

  1. Simplicity:

The creators of Shopo World went about creating a business plan which could be easily understood and implemented by any adult from any level of society by utilising the latest computer software and web design techniques.

2.  Quality:

Every effort has been made to ensure that all products and services available on the Shopo World website are of very high quality and reliability whether, for example, fashion, natural cosmetics, organic food items or health equipment.

3.  Service:

The very word “service” creates emotive reactions in all of us as we recall incidents of both excellent and poor service. Shopo World has invested substantial, time, effort and finance in its Partnership training programs, shipping company contracts and packaging facilities with a view to providing a service which is second to none.

4.  Affordability:

Few would argue that a business proposition which promises no investment, no stock, no staff and no overheads is not affordable. It’s a fact that a Shopo World Partner can commence business with no capital outlay yet still derive a substantial income. This may, of course, lead to an interest in other levels of Partnership involvement.

5.  Rewards:

Whether one’s main abilities lie in marketing, communication, research or direct sales, there are impressive rewards to be gained from being a  Shopo World Partner “Free”, “Advanced” or “Professional”. Massive product discounts are available as well as introductory fees and commissions.