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Make Money

Shopo World benefits. Where is money coming from?

Since the Shopo World platform is designed to support your own business, would you be a seller, or an affiliate, a wholesaler, drop-shipper, or even would like to benefit only for yourself, this is what you need!

Here you will find many features from adding products on 15 languages to writing blogs. Here you can add files or plan services, download information (legally) or just get help.

So how can we help you?

1. Your own sales on your OWN Shopo World website.

E.g. If You registered as a Partner you already got your Own Shopo World website where you can redesign it by your needs and start to sell or resell goods/services.

2. Your own sales. To support your business your goods/services will be promoted on a minimum of 2 additional Shopo World websites.

E.g. You are selling cosmetics. Cosmetics will be shown on your OWN website, MAIN Shopo World website and on a SPECIFIC Shopo World website. In this case Shopo World 'Beauty' website. (lady.shopo.world)

3. Fellow Partners' resales. Your product could be shown on thousands Partners' websites.

E.g if Partner happy with the quality and discount of your product he/she could resell it.

4. Your resales, when you are reselling Fellow Partner's products.

E.g. You are happy with the quality and discount of Fellow Partner's product, therefore you decided to resell his/her goods/services. In this case, without making any effort adding goods.

5. Fellow Partner bought your products from the internal back-office shop.

E.g. A Fellow Partner would like to buy a bulk order or just for himself/herself your products. A Partner can do it from the internal back-office shop.

6. You decide to buy a Fellow Partner’s product from the internal back-office shop and save money.

E.g. you would like to buy and save money on bulk order or just enjoy a discounted price and buy goods/services for yourself from the internal back-office shop. In this case, you will save money as a Partner discount offer!

7. Your customer bought from another partner goods/services, in this case, You will get 'Thank you' commissions. This point very unique from other websites.

E.g You were advertising your goods/services on your OWN Shopo World website but a customer bought from another Partner goods. A Partner who sold goods/services to your customer will be paying you 'Thank you' commissions (1-99%).

8. Affiliate commissions  (1-99%).

E.g. As Shopo World platform is created to support your OWN business therefor you can redirect your customers to your own website (not just Shopo World website), to other e-commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay and etc.) or to advertise on social media. On the Shopo World, you can write blogs, add files, or schedule services.

9. One-off payment for introducing any new fee-paying Shopo World Partner.

E.g Your customer became a Partner 'Professional' and paid yearly/monthly fees to get all website benefits. You will get 30% one-off payment.

*All money will be paid every 2 weeks after payment was cleared in Shopo World account or goods/services were delivered and a customer is happy with a purchase.