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Benefits & Profit

Who Benefits?

Shopo World welcomes people who are passionate to help others by improving their financial status, health and/or sense of well-being, or simply to sell our wide range of competitively priced products.

  • Establishments which benefit from Shopo World’s attractive discounts of up to 95% include: Hospitals, Farm Shops, Clinics, Salons, Supermarkets, Retail Shops, Gymnasiums, Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Care Homes, Department Stores, etc.

  • Shopo World encourages both manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, resellers of quality products to adopt its unique business model, thereby achieving increased global exposure and resultant sales. A bespoke business system has been created to accommodate the requirements of such organisations.

  • Advertising options are available to business owners and individuals to promote/sell their own products and/or services across an ever-expanding range of categories including financial, travel, maintenance, IT/graphic design, construction, consumables, hospitality, entertainment, etc.

  • Certain products can be rented FREE of Charge which enables the discerning customer the opportunity to experience the benefits of the products prior to committing to purchase.

Grow your business with confidence:

  1. No investment necessary (but optional, in the case if you would like to keep a stock)

  2. Additional ‘own product’ sales support from fellow Partners

  3. Two years interest-FREE Credit Facility (or up to five years at competitive interest rates - UK only)

  4. Personal internet shop-within-a-international shop

  5. Commissions from other Countries’ Websites (no limitation)

  6. Access to Global Suppliers and OEMs

  7. Up to 95% discount from local, national and seasonal offers for product(s)

  8. Unlimited sales of own sourced products on your personal and other Shopo World websites

  9. An opportunity to receive unlimited number of commissions if your customer purchases a product(s) (based on Partners “Professional” information)

  10. Unlimited quantities of other suppliers’ products may be promoted on any already-established, personal/business websites*

  11. Website translation in all major languages (google translator)

  12. Delivery service to over 200 countries

  13. Personal dashboard

  14. Free Books or Gifts for Registration purposes

  15. Start-up guides

  16. Webinar Tutorials and Q & A

  17. Access to books and articles on health, beauty, fashion, homes, business development, etc.

  18. Multiple free educational videos

  19. Personalised promotional videos

  20. Shopo World App (under construction) etc.

Facts and Figures based of Partner “Professional”

1 - 30% off retail prices.

1 - 30% commission from Partner-introduced customers

60 - 85% available profit if a fellow partner sells your own products*

90% available profit if you sell your own products*

30% of first month/year’s subscription for introducing a new fee-paying Partner 

*After deduction of Shopo World and Bank administration fees and charges

Explanation & Examples

Based on Partner “Professional”

  1. Partner "Professional" will  receive up to 95% discount from one or more products or services with no limitation regarding product value or frequency of transactions (Unlike Partners “Free” and “Basic”).

1. e.g. Partner "Professional" purchases a number of products at the competitive, retail, accumulative value of $4900 and therefore qualifies for discounts of up to 80% on each and every product with no limitations

  1. An opportunity to receive up to 30% *commission if any of his/her registered customers make a single purchase of one or more items, provided each item’s retail value does not exceed $100. Every day products are being added to the website from across the World and in other languages.

2.e.g. A customer of a Partner "Professional" has been registered on his/her Website and intends to purchase a product at $35 + a product at $28 + a product at $750. Up to 30% commission will be paid at the end of the following month from the date of receipt of goods or services

  1. A Partner "Professional" can sell without a restriction his/her own products on the Shopo World website, benefiting from its substantial “traffic” and receive 100% of the profit - after deduction of Shopo World, Bank administration fees and charges.

3.e.g. A Partner "Professional" receives confirmation from Shopo World Head Office to market and sell his/her own products, one of which, for example, costs $700 and sells for $1200. In this case, 10% of the retail price (e.g. $120) will be deducted to cover Shopo World, Bank fees and charges.

  1. Provision for other Shopo World partners to sell his/her own products and/or services thereby deriving a passive income. In this case, he/she must predetermine what percentage commission (1-30%), based on the retail price, to pay to his/her Sellers as their commission.

4.e.g. A Partner "Professional" has sourced luxury sofas and buys them for $1,500 each from his/her supplier. The Partner "Professional" can assess the amount of profit he/she wishes to make and therefore decides to sell them for $2,700. This decision was calculated by (a) comparing the prices of similar sofas, (b) how much commission to pay Shopo World Partners (in the event they sold them too and in a case if partner wishes to resell them) based on a percentage of the retail value (1-30%) and (c) Shopo World and Bank fees and charges, (i.e. $270). It was felt that 8% (i.e. $216) would be a fair incentive for other Partners to encourage high sales volumes. ($2,700 - $1,500 - $216 - $270 = $714)  Therefore Partner "Professional" is left with a passive income of $714 per sofa.

  1. 30% of the first monthly or yearly Partnership Subscription for introducing any new fee-paying Shopo World Partner.

5.e.g. Partner "Professional" introduces three friends who pay their first year’s subscriptions: TWO "Professional" Partners at $269 each, ONE Professional Partner who pays $599. Three Introductory Bonuses totalling $341.10 will be paid at the end of the months following each registration.

  1. An important method to boost sales is the Two years interest-FREE Credit Facility (or up to five years at competitive interest rates) for amounts not exceeding $45,000. (UK only, subject to status, Terms and Conditions apply).

6.e.g. A Partner "Professional" customer applies for two years interest-free credit. Depending on the amount of credit provided, if accepted, the Partner will accept responsibility for, and will be subject to, the Credit Finance Company’s fees and share of the interest where applicable, for providing this service (2.5-10.55% of the total amount due for the product(s) less the deposit paid plus the Finance Company’s administration fees).

  1. Easy to add products on the website

7.e.g. To add products from the Shopo World website, Partner "Professional" should choose a product not exceeding a total retail value of $100 and add to his/her website.

  1. Access to certain Demonstration Equipment, Services or Tools (subject to availability).

8.e.g. (a) If the Partner "Professional" has his/her own equipment, tools or would like to give a trial service he/she can charge the customer or provide it free of charge. All income will revert to the Partner "Professional".

e.g. (b) If an item/service is shown on the website to be available from another Partner, the customer of the Partner "Professional" must complete the online application form which in turn allows him/her to use for the limited ‘Free of Charge’ period, or pay for a service. All income will revert to the Partner a service provider. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Partnership benefits & difference

Shopo World Partner membership lasts for one/twelve months and is renewable monthly/annually. An automated annual renewal notice will be sent by way of a reminder prior to the membership an expiration date. Membership allows access to all of the product range and the associated, multiple rewards programs.

Due to this community of Partners worldwide, the vision of Shopo World continues to evolve. That vision being to provide a global gateway to thousands of wide-ranging, competitively priced, quality products thus enabling its partners, from all walks of life, to reap the benefits of generous rewards with little or no financial investment. Its unique and ethical business model has been designed to make dreams affordable and to create employment leading to financial independence.  Ten percent of all net profit is donated to worthy, charitable organisations.

NB: * Terms and Conditions apply

      *Commission will be paid at the end of the following month from the date of receipt of goods or services

      * 14 days money back guarantee is applicable just for the  annual subscription